Do Good Things Really Happen To Those Who Wait?

Image of a road appearing out of a grassy hill, with a cloudy blue horizon beyond it.

Good things happen to those who wait.

That’s what some people say. While others say …

Good things happen to people who get things done.

But which one is right?

What is the balance between being patient and trying really hard to make things happen?

A universal paradox

This paradox can cause us to struggle to find the right way to deal with obstacles and to achieve our goals.

We try so hard to find the correct answer. We struggle to justify everything that happens to us.

We live in a world where tomorrow is often too late. Things change fast. It’s easier to move on, change, delete, erase. There’s always a solution for little things — there’s probably an app for that. :-) Which helps us … but can also confuse us.

We need to have everything when we want it. And we’ve always been told to work hard because things would happen if we did.

And if they don’t? We get frustrated. And then, of course, we need an answer.

Do what you can control (stop worrying about what you can’t)

I’ve always tried so hard to make things happen and so many of my attempts have failed. Was I the problem? Yes … and no.

Maybe I should just get out of my own way.

Maybe I just should do my best and then relax and let fate work its magic.

(I guess that if you don’t believe in fate or in some “bigger” thing, that can sound a little cliched. But if you do, that might make sense.)

How about this: If you can control something, if you have the power to change it, and if it depends on you … do it. There is a chance that you will fail, but solid successes that last are not often built with only one try, right?

This is why I’ve always thought that the things that start really fast usually won’t last too long. Because it takes time to build something good, to learn, or to change.

On the other hand, what if there is something you can’t control? I say just don’t even try — to control it, that is.

Focus on what you can do, even if it means getting out of your comfort zone. Then listen, appreciate, enjoy, and … wait.

Because what else can you do?

I know it’s easy to say and hard to do, but shouldn’t we try to practice that everyday?

In the end, what we all need is to lay down in bed at night and know that on that day, we did our best … but that we also enjoyed and learned from what fate in store had for us.


Image by Gisele Goes.


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  1. says

    “Maybe I should just get out of my own way” — so often this is the case; I like to remind myself to “zoom out.” Excellent post!!

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Gisele.

    The key, as you allude to at the end, is balance. You have to control what you can control, make the best of everything else, and if so, then you can be content with the results.

  3. says

    Things happen to those who take action. Whether they’re good or bad – that’s not something we control.

    But is waiting better than taking action? That’s a call every individual needs to make themselves.

    Me? I like to wait. Then when I’m done waiting, I take action. After that, whatever the result, I’m secure and content in the knowledge that I tried. Works pretty well for me because I hate “what ifs”.

    • says

      Yep, “what ifs” and regrets are the worst. That’s typically how I make decisions: which one will possibly leave me with regrets? Then I do the other one. :-)

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