The Girls Respond: 10 Annoying Things Guys Say That Might Be Driving The Ladies Away

So, Jerod gave me a lot to think about when he wrote a blog about the top ten things we say to drive men nuts – and felt that I owed you an explanation as to why we say such things.

I’ll start with mani/pedi, preggers, and totes.  It’s just us being lazy.  Really.  We’re used to character limits, and we talk that way now.

Remember those Nokia phones that were popular in 2000 and you could buy jeweled face plates for?  I blame those for our downfall.

Text messages in 2000 probably looked something like this:  OMG WTF where r u c u l8r.

Who am I kidding?  People probably still send texts like that – but if you own a smart phone, there’s no excuse.

I am guilty of saying, “I know, right?”  ALL THE TIME.  And I don’t know why.  Same with WOO or WOOT.  And I can’t defend it or explain it.  Maybe the following hypothetical conversation will help:

Me:  My old roommate is running the Boston Marathon and is pacing at 7:30 minute miles.

Rachel:  That’s crazy!

Me:  I know, right?  Go Steph!  WOOT!

I am ashamed to say I did a search for this phrase in my GMAIL and it returned hundreds of results.

No seriously.  I know, right?

Wait, what I was I talking about?

So here’s the thing: we have many annoying things that we say, but so do guys.  So since Jerod wanted to help us, it is my turn to help you, the male.

1. Calling us “sweetie” or “kiddo.”

What am I, 10?

Are you expecting me to pop in a Jem and the Holograms DVD after you call me that?  (I might do that anyway).

In any case, it is so annoying when a guy who is clearly trying to hit on you is calling you either sweetie or kiddo.  My brother-in-law calls my three-year-old and one-year-old nieces sweetie.  That is appropriate.

It is not appropriate for the married 40-year old on the train to wink at me and call me sweetie. I’m not three.

Please find a different term.

Or ask my name.

2. Referring to a girl as “smokin’ hot.” 

One of my friends used to do this all the time.

First of all, why “smokin’?”  How is that different from just “hot”?

Also, referring to a girl as such in front of another girl makes her feel like she is Plainy McJaney.  Please do not do this.

3. “Hey”

You may be thinking, what’s wrong with “hey”?  I will tell you.

I cannot tell you how many guys have texted me “hey” and nothing else in an attempt to booty call me.  I do not respond to “hey.”

It is not a question, it is not interesting, and it is not getting a response.

4. “Send me a pic”

Okay – here’s the deal.  I know that Brett Favre and Bobby Petrino and scores of other men have gotten into trouble over text messages they have sent and received, but I read Deadspin, which is precisely the reason I would never send a picture of any part of my body over text messages (except maybe my middle finger).

These days, no one can be trusted.

5. “All girls are crazy”

My old co-worker used to say this ALL THE TIME, and I found it incredibly offensive, especially after he continued to say it AFTER he had a total breakdown at a bar over a girl (that I witnessed).

That alone should prove that NONE of us, regardless of gender, can always keep our emotions in check or make the right decisions all the time.

It’s called life.

6. “Is it that time of the month?/you’re overreacting”

Just because you pissed us off does not mean it is a particular time of any month.

Furthermore – we’re not overreacting.

We should not have to apologize or justify why our feelings are hurt.  They’re our feelings, not yours.

7. Anytime they use a slang term for our lady business as an insult.

I trust that I do not need to elaborate on this one.

8. Being called “dude” or “man.”

My friend Mary put it perfectly:  “You realize I’m a girl because you are staring at my boobs and buying me drinks. Recognize.”

9. “Bro”

Just as we drive you crazy using the term “besties,” we are just as annoyed and baffled when you use the term “bro.”  What is the purpose?

Assuming it is short for “brother,” this makes even less sense.  This is why people have names.

10. “I’m not ready for a relationship.”

This just means, “I don’t want to be in a relationship with YOU.”  Save us both the stress and be honest.


Do you have any others to add to the list?


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  1. Wolf says

    First, all girls ARE crazy. You know it, own it. The rest? Did anyone say they cared? Completely unconcerned with anything you have stated here. When you leave just make sure the door is locked please and dont call me, Ill call you if I need something.

  2. Giana S. says

    Alright, this is coming from a straight female…

    I agree partially with SOME of the things you said, but definitely not most of it. Any nicknames a guy gives a girl such as “sweetie or kiddo” or “dude or bro” aren’t really a big deal. I think your hatred for these terms is simply just personal preference. Completely rejecting a guy just because of some dumb, friendly nickname is sort of pretentious, I would say. These nicknames can really show that a guy feels comfortable around you and isn’t afraid to show a little levity. Disregarding a guy completely for those shows that some women need to lighten up. (“Sweetie and kiddo” really depend on the context, especially sweetie. That really just depends on how it is said to you, but in the context you put it in, I wouldn’t see that as a huge insult.)

    The “hey” one. Not really a problem for me. When you call your friend up on the phone because you’re bored and just feel like chatting, do you start off the conversation with some big, insightful greeting? Again, I guess it just depends on the guy/girl, but some guys just feel like talking to you and aren’t sure how to start a conversation.

    For some reason, the period jokes never insult me, maybe just because of the people I’m surrounded by. A lot of the girls I know make this huge deal about “that time of the month” and some of the crap they spout really is laughable. One of my best guy friends and I usually make fun of it (he doesn’t go light on the period jokes at all – some of them are really funny, actually). I know my friends and I have been in a mood at times, and he blames it on our period or whatever, but I never saw it as this huge thing to get in an uproar over. It just depends on the situation. If you’re really pissed at something and are seriously not in the mood for levity (especially if you’re pissed at him), a period joke wouldn’t be the best route.

    “All girls are crazy”. Yeah, we say that about guys too. Really, it’s true. All girls are crazy one way or another, same with guys. I know I act pretty wild/emotional sometimes, my one friend has a hot temper, and my other friend is just plain silly. Yeah, we’re crazy. And so are all the other girls. The previous comment said it perfectly. Own it!

    The last one, that’s true. But really, not just for guys, for girls, too. Some of these are pretty hypocritical.

    The “send me a pic” thing – I agree with that. There are some serious dangers in sending sexy/provocative pictures through phone or any other medium. If he wants to see something dirty, he should be there with you instead of somewhere else.

    The “smokin’ hot” one…eh. If he says that around you about some other girl, you’re automatically friendzoned, I’d say (or he’s trying some sick way of making you jealous), and I don’t think he means any real harm by it. We say that about guys, too. I know I do.

    I think what really drives me crazy is just being mean spirited. I can’t stand being around people who are so self centered they are just incapable of feeling anything for anyone else, whether we’re talking about friends or relationships with guys. What kills me the most is just saying anything that will intentionally hurt someone. If you’re just kidding, it’s one thing. But if it seriously hurts your feelings, that’s another.

    Anyway, pretty okay article. I disagreed with quite a handful of these, but I think I have a more masculine mindset anyway. Most of these probably ring true for a large quantity of women, anyhow. Good luck on future articles!

  3. Rr says

    Sorry but this list, makes a girl seem so full of herself. I admit to doing few of the things stated here, but the justification you give is such a turn off!!! If my gf scolded me with the words that you used, she’s out of my life

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