The Primility Tagline Has Changed (And Here’s Why)


In my first weekly Primility newsletter this past Sunday (go here to join, free wristband included), I alluded to a major change coming to the site.

Here it is: I have changed the tagline for Primility.

If you’ll give me a handful of paragraphs, I’d like to explain why.

Why the tagline is important

Your first question might be: who cares?

Well, certainly I do. But importantly, I bet the growing number of you who are adorning your wrists with red Primility wristbands are also going to care.

Because at some point, someone is going to ask you, “Hey, what’s up with that red wristband with the made-up word on it?”

Will you know what to say?

Up until a few days ago, even I wasn’t exactly sure what to say. Seriously.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of this concept, yet I would still find myself stammering and stumbling when someone would ask me, “So what does Primility mean, anyway?”

That’s why I came up with a tagline in the first place. I wanted a quick, couple-second answer that I could give immediately to that question. One I could say confidently. Just like I’m sure you want to have while you’re wearing your red wristband.

And that was my issue with the old tagline …

It was flaccid, sloppy writing

That subhead is an homage to a great line from one of my favorite movies, Adaptation. It’s a movie about change, and in many ways so is this website. So pulling in a quote from it fits.

Here is what Robert McKee (played by Bryan Cox) says to an auditorium full of aspiring screenwriters (NSFW language):

… and God help you if you use voice-over in your work, my friends. God help you. That’s flaccid, sloppy writing. Any idiot can write a voice-over narration to explain the thoughts of a character.

That’s how I feel about the previous tagline, which was: “Be fulfilled every day by balancing pride + humility.”

The problem I have with it is the first part.

What does “Be fulfilled every day” even mean, really? It’s a positive thought, sure, and something to aspire to … but it’s so general as to be meaningless. It’s flaccid.

And I should know better, which makes it sloppy.

That’s why it was time for a change.

Let’s all “wow ’em” with the tagline

There is another great quote by the McKee character in Adapation, about how to “wow them in the end.” 

When someone asks me what Primility means, I want to WOW them. And when they ask you, I want you to WOW them too.

Here’s how we’ll do it …

The new tagline: Achieve anything you love and are capable of by balancing pride and humility.

And here’s why this new tagline works, word by word:

  • Achieve — This is a strong, active verb. The perfect way to start. Jump right into the action.
  • anything you love — What makes your heart sing? What are you passionate about? There is nothing more fulfilling than achieving whatever it is that answers those questions for you. Think of this as the pride part of the tagline, because you should going after whatever it is you love.
  • and are capable of — Here is where the humility comes in. We all have limitations, and they are all different. And it’s important to understand them, and be realistic about them. There is not a concept or framework or formula in the world that can help you achieve what you are literally not capable of. But everything else? It’s all within your potential. (And that’s a mighty vast horizon.)
  • by — Do you like the sound of the previous three bullets? Do you want to achieve anything you love and are capable of? Because if so, here’s the answer …
  • balancing pride and humility. — Do this on a consistent basis and you can achieve whatever it is that makes your heart sing and that is also legitimately within your reach — even if it takes you 10,000 hours or more of work to reach it. You can do it.

That is Primility.

It’s a guide to maximizing your potential, reaching a consistent feeling of fulfillment, and being the best you can possibly be while doing what you love more than anything.

And this is why the wristbands are essential

They aren’t a gimmick.

I’ve been wearing mine since 2010, when I first decided to take this concept seriously for myself. And it has been immensely helpful.

The wristband is a constant reminder, and we all need frequent reminding. Pride and humility get out of whack all the time, even for me (okay, especially for me). Being reminded helps guide us back on the path — the path toward achieving what we love and are capable of.

That’s why I care about 10,000 wristbands. It will mean that 10,000 people are moving toward becoming their best, most passionate selves.

And I’m excited to keep moving in that direction myself, with you.

Now you know what to say

If someone sees your wristband …

Or if someone sees you tweeting a link …

Or if you read your email newsletter on Sunday and decide to forward it on to a friend …

And they ask you, “What is Primility?”

Look ’em in the eye and say: “It’s how I achieve what I love and am capable of — by balancing pride and humility.”

And if you can define what you “love and are capable of” in more specific terms? Then substitute that in. Because that’s what Primility means to you.

And it’s yours.

I’m just the guy whose ear the muse decided to whisper it in back in 2005.


What do you think?

  • Like the new tagline?
  • Dislike it?
  • Have questions about what it means?
  • Suggestions for what it should be?

Please comment below and let’s discuss.

What’s next …

Come back Thursday for a more in-depth look at that first question above after the “anything you love” bullet:

What makes your heart sing?

(Oh, and Jessica, thank you for being a sounding board yesterday afternoon. Your ideas helped immensely, and the final tagline reflects that.)


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  1. says

    Jerod — love following the evolution of Primility’s story. Thanks for sharing.

    It’s obvious this is something you care deeply about. Any time you can connect the thing you care about with people you care about, it’s magic.

    • says

      Thank you Keith! And yes, it is … which is why the site, in its current evolution and path, feels like such a long-time coming and inevitable. But it’s taking shape, making sense, and starting to impact people like it’s impacted me. That’s the idea ..

  2. says

    I think having the wrist band reminds me to have both pride in the quality of what I do and write about as well as my products. Having humility towards others reminds me to be open to others and their views.

    My wrist band is by my computer.

    Need to take a pic and send it to you.

  3. Jenny Collins says

    Tagline 2.0 is a great change! I love how you really unpack the meaning behind the words and phrases of it (reading it inspired me to do the same for a tagline I’m crafting right now, so thank you!) :)

    Also, your ending line/link: “I’m just the guy whose ear the muse decided to whisper it in back in 2005.”

    My favorite sentence. Captures your concept brilliantly!

    • says

      Thank you Jenny! Now I want to see what tagline you’re working with and what the final product is. I realize I am a GIANT nerd in this sense, but I love constructing headlines and taglines, where each word is meticulously chosen and the goal is to deliver the perfect message with as few words as possible. It’s a challenging balancing act.

      • Jenny Collins says

        Always great to know a fellow headline/tagline nerd! I love that challenge, too! I’ll email you one I’m working on right now. :)

        And while we’re on the topic, did you ever see Alex Mandossian’s presentation at Mind Valley? When I first saw it 2 years ago it rocked my headline writing brain!

        Ever since that I geeked out on aiming to craft taglines that have the magic Time Life music found by putting one extra letter in their tagline that made all the difference:
        “Put music in your home” vs. “Puts music in your home.” The latter out pulled the former 3 to 1 because psychologically it put all the work and action on the product, not the person. Brilliant!

  4. says

    Brilliant, Jerod. It’s the balancing of the two-sided coin. Our self-awareness, our ego if you will can get in our own way by being too self-deprecating or alternately too self-aggrandizing. It’s a constant mindfulness that keeps us surefooted on that tightrope. The longtime yogi in me is very curious how you will evolve this dialog. And yes, thank you dearly for the wrist band. I owe you a picture. I’ve will head up deeper into Nu’uanu Valley tomorrow to see if I can get some tropic foliage for a proper backdrop.

    • says

      Thank you Lori. The one-time yogi in me is looking to join you again as a longtime yogi. Once I started doing yoga several years ago, I was amazed at how much the Primility concept fits in with the concepts of balance and staying present in the moment that are constant themes of yoga. I look forward to getting your picture and adding it to the wall!

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