Lyrics: “Bay of Pigs” by Rogue Valley

Rogue Valley is one of my favorite new bands, which you are well aware of if we are Facebook friends and connected on Spotify.

The first song I heard by them, “Bay of Pigs,” remains my favorite. It’s slow, almost plaintive-sounding at times, with a wonderful vocal performance from Linnea Mohn. Something about it has just mesmerized me. I don’t want to know how many times I’ve listened to it in the past week, but I wouldn’t be shocked if you told me it was 50 or 60.

Here it is:


Naturally, I looked up the lyrics online to see how close the words I was singing along were. To my surprise, I couldn’t find the lyrics anywhere. I was actually a bit excited about this, like when I couldn’t find the lyrics for “Merrymake It With Me” by The Republic Tigers anywhere. It was an opportunity to write them out and post them myself.

So I did. And I decided to email the band to see if I’d gotten them right. They responded almost immediately with a few edits on words I’d missed. (For example, fountain instead of phantom…why didn’t I realize that??)

So with an assist to Pete Sieve and Chris Koza from the band, here are the lyrics to “Bay of Pigs” by Rogue Valley. Of course I had to post it here when I realized they talk about pride!

“Bay of Pigs” by Rogue Valley

I’m trying to leave you alone
But deep into my head you roam
Like a sick buffalo
Separated from the herd
Looking lost at every turn

You’re following the migration
Of geese
And the grizzly bear
I think you’re gonna fly away
Sleep until the ice is melted
To come out from your cave
Woozy and out of shape
Oh not quite as brave
As when you once escaped
Don’t stay gone on account of me
Pride’s a foolish belief

I’m keeping tabs on myself
Watching what I say
Watching my health
It’s impossible to reconstruct
Something that was always broken
Hollow bones eventually will bring you back
We’re all free to make our own mistakes
So, don’t take mine away
No, don’t take mine away

Doubt crept up on its own
Like frost bite in the cold
Like hunters in the snow
With only phantom tracks to follow
From the bay of pigs
Deep into my head
And underneath my ribs
You find a way inside
You find a way inside
You find a way inside
You find a way….

I’m waiting for the flying V
To return
I think I’m gonna find a cave
And sleep for 10,000 days
Sleep for 10,000 days
Just sleep for 10,000 days
Sleep for 10,000 days



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  1. April Matt says

    Thanks for this post! I found you blog because of this post and I am loving it. This song is amazing. I just love it. I too have listen to it over and over at least 50 times in a row. Haha. I have been looking for the chords, but no one has done them. Boo. I am not good enough on my guitar to figure them out. If anyone finds them, please send them my way! 😛

    • Dave says

      If you’re still waiting after four months, the verses just alternate C – F and the chords during the part that says bay of pigs are G – Dm – C – F. These are all with the guitar tuned down a full step, playing them in regular tuning would be two keys above the songs itself. In regular tuning they’re a bit more awkward, A# – Eb are weirder to play (bar the first string and play A – D) and don’t sound as nice, Cm is kinda weird (The progression would be F – Cm – A – D), and it sounds spot-on tuned down so I would definitely recommend playing it that way if it isn’t too inconvenient.

      I’m too lazy to post an actual tab but this I can handle the attention span for.

  2. says

    Found this blog searching for the lyrics too. Such a shame this guys are not that known at all… The first song I heard was on Walter Mitty’s film. I was in love instantly. By the way, thanks for uploading the lyrics, hope to see more of them! :)

  3. Sam says

    I heard ‘The Wolves and the Ravens’ while watching the new adaptation of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty film. Myself and a couple of friends were in awe of the soundtrack. We waited until the end of the credits to see the names of the groups/artists music used in the film. The cleaners waited for us as we were the last ones in there! Anyway, this song is probably my favourite from False Floors. Thanks for posting the lyrics, we will spread the word of these guys – fantastic!

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