Five For Friday Links: A Spring Playlist, Writing Tips, and a 4-Year Old Superhero

It’s time for another set of links.

Last week it was the “Love For The Ladies” Edition. This week, we go around the web for some great tips on writing, a link to my latest music playlist for the spring, and we end with a must-see video about a little boy with severe loss…who became a superhero anyway.

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  1. Indie Christmas in the Spring 2012 Playlist
    My latest playlist of underexposed songs. Yes, I’ll get it up on Spotify soon and start doing more there. In the meantime, you can play each of the songs straight from the page continuously, so just hit play on #1 and enjoy an hour-plus of terrific music you probably have not heard.
  2. Stephen King’s 20 Tips for Becoming a Frighteningly Good Writer
    I read Stephen King’s book On Writing over a decade ago, and I absolutely loved it. Jon Morrow loves it too, so much so that he has read it five times. I think it’s time for me to bust the book out again and give it a re-read, especially after being inspired by each of the 20 tips listed in the this post.
  3. 5 Lessons Steve Jobs Could Teach You About Creating a Popular Blog
    Lots of great anecdotes and tips in this post. My favorite is this:

    Steve Jobs had an argument with one of his engineers about the boot up time for the Macintosh operating system. To quickly resolve the argument, he asked the engineer, “If it could save a person’s life, would you find a way to shave ten seconds off the boot time?” The engineer responded that he probably could, and wound up reducing the boot time of the operating system by 28 seconds.

    Now I turn the question to you: “If it could save a person’s life, would you find a way to implement these lessons and improve your blog?” I’m serious.

    Let’s save lives people!

  4. Persuade with Silky Smooth Copy
    Words, words, words. I love words. And this post is all about how choosing sensory words can make your writing or copy more compelling and/or persuasive. I am going to start working more sensory metaphors into my posts.
  5. 6 Habits to Help You Write When You Don’t Have the Time
    This post provides a number of useful, actionable tips for how to carve out time to write when it seems like there isn’t any. This guy has a full-time job, goes to school, is married…and still wrote a manuscript in five months. Pay special attention to his tip about getting an app like Evernote on your mobile device. The best ideas really do come at the worst times!

Bonus Link #6: Marvel Comics creates new superhero to inspire young boy – by MyFoxBoston

This is just a great story. A boy with severe hearing loss decided he did not want to wear his hearing aid anymore because “Superheroes don’t.” His mom contacted Marvel Comics for help, and boy did they ever.

(Note: If the video isn’t showing below, click here to view it.)

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everybody. I will leave you with sights and sounds of Father John Misty, who I will be going to see here in Dallas this evening. Check him out. His new album is really good from start to finish. (And yes, that is Aubrey Plaza from Parks & Recreation.)


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