How Many Have You Loved?

How many have you loved?

This can be a tricky question to answer, especially when posed by a current love interest.

But should it be?

I don’t think so. I’ve just never seen it explained so perfectly as it is in the video.


This video speaks for itself, so I have no profound essay to write in response. Just a few random thoughts that were running through my head as it ended.

Our past experiences make us who we are today. And all of our past loves influence our ability to give and feel love in the present.

If we cannot discuss our pasts openly and honestly with those we do love or want to love now, how can we ever expect the love to be anything more than superficial.

love-videoDo you have your Who, What, When, Where, and Why? I do.

My favorite part of watching this video was thinking about each of these incredible women that I was lucky enough to love, and the lasting impressions they’ve left on me. I will love the next one deeper and more fully because of them. And I will be able to receive love more openly because of them.

Love is what life is all about. Be proud of who you’ve loved and who has loved you. And be excited to share.

In the stories of our lives, the most important chapters are the ones during which we were in love. So when we tell our story, we cannot leave them out. Otherwise it’s not our story that we’re telling.

And if someone really loves you, or if he or she is moving in that direction, then that person will want to know your story. All of your story. And vice versa. So tell it. All of it.

My favorite line in the entire video, at 5:59 mark:

One of the greatest gifts we have of being alive is the ability to give, receive, and even lose love.

So never settle until you find that someone who is all five. The sixth. The Last.


I hope you took from the video as much as I did. Please feel encouraged to share your thoughts below.


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  1. says

    Wow. What a beautiful perspective.
    I’ve always treated my old loves as my own secret, to be shared minimally with my current amour, because these loves are rooted in the past, and I want to be in the present. But I love the same quote you picked out…. and also to be proud of who we’ve loved. I absolutely agree that these people behind us give depth to our ability to love deeper. Still on the journey….

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