Five For Friday: Links on Listening, Lying, Forgiving, Playing, and Dudes Doing Yoga

Friday is a great day for links.

Last week it was writing tips and a 4-year old hero, with a “Love For The Ladies” edition before that. This week, you’ll get lessons on forgiveness and listening, as well as the importance of playing, plus some scientific evidence about why and when we lie, and why dudes doing yoga is okay.

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  1. Do real men yoga?
    As I’ve written on here before, I’ve gotten big into yoga over the last month. And the further I get into it, the more my enthusiasm grows. This is a good article from 2011 that should assuage any concerns men have about getting on the mat. Do it!
  2. Why We Lie
    Fascinating Wall Street Journal article that takes a scientific look at why and when people lie, and what it suggests about society in general.
  3. The Power of Forgiveness
    An insightful look at what forgiveness is and what it isn’t, and why it is so important.
  4. Infusing Play Into Mundane Tasks
    This post echoes, in some respects, what I was writing about earlier this week when I discussed “unbelievable enthusiasm.”
  5. The Power of Listening
    A simple but essential lesson on why listening is important and how to do it properly.

And to show my appreciation for your attention this morning, here is a certified eargasm to send you off in your weekend with:


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