Do You Take Time To Listen To Your Body, Your Emotions…Yourself?

An old boss once told me, “Your mind is like a computer: the output is going to be a function of the input.”

Those words have always stuck with me and are part of the reason why I try – albeit not always successfully – to be cognizant that whatever I am read, watch, and listen to, will create or reinforce positive messages.

One way to input good stuff is to listen to podcasts, which I’ve made a concerted effort to do more of over the past 18 months, and one of the podcasts I have enjoyed the most is Tripp Lanier’s New Man Podcast.

Lanier is a life coach who uses his podcast as a way to connect his readers and listeners with the professionals and thought leaders who have positively impacted his life. I always come away with something positive from each one, and I certainly recommend it if you are looking for practical knowledge and specific tips and ideas you can implement into your life to make it more “kick ass,” as Lanier often says.

Today while whoosing my legs back and forth on the elliptical machine at lunch, I listened to Lanier’s latest episode of the New Man Podcast with guest Eric Goodman of Foundation Training.

It’s an especially interesting episode, easily digestible in about 25 minutes, and provides some good specific advice on how to treat chronic back issues and even better general advice on the importance of listening – really listening – to our bodies, to our emotions, and to ourselves.

To listen to the episode, click here.

Feel free to come back here and share your thoughts if you like.

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