I have an awesome girlfriend.

I could spend a whole post listing out the multitudes of qualities that make her awesome, but I think one quality in particular – which manifested itself when we exchanged Christmas gifts – speaks particular volumes.

And this particular quality that I admire so much is that she gets me.

This was strongly reinforced when I unwrapped one of my Christmas gifts from her to find a white coffee mug that had been customized like only she can.

On the mug, in bold, black, handwritten lettering is this phrase: “WAKE UP AND BE AWESOME!”

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12 Indispensable Lessons About Life, Love, and Letting Go That I Learned in 2012

2012 was a special year for me personally.

It was a year that taught me just how much positive change can be packed into twelve months.

And like all memorable and impactful experiences, I learned (or in some cases relearned) a number of valuable lessons along the way.

Some of these lessons I learned from first-hand experience. Some of these lessons I learned from reading. Some of these lessons I learned from watching and talking to other people. Regardless of where I learned them, I know I’ll be better for carrying them forward into 2013.

The goal of this post is to take a look back at 2012 and reflect on some of these lessons before diving headfirst into 2013.

And since one of the lessons I relearned this year was how much value finding great new music adds to my daily life, I decided to match up each lesson with a complementary song or two.

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Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It

This past weekend, I saw the band Stars perform at The Granada Theater in Dallas.

It was my first time seeing Stars, and it was my first show at The Granada, and overall the experience was just absolutely awesome.


Stars at The Granada Theater in Dallas, TX.

I actually hadn’t even heard of Stars, a well-established and popular band from Canada, until the girlfriend of one of my best friends posted about them on Facebook. I took a listen, liked what I heard, and became a fan.

A Sublime Song

The more I listen to one Stars song in particular, the more I absolutely love it.

The title of that song doubles as the title of this post: “Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It.”

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The 7-Step Mental Process That Always Turns My Frowns Upside-Down

Sometimes, things kind of suck. Or at least they feel that way.

Sometimes, shit happens.

Sometimes, you just feel a bit…negative. You might not even know why.

If you’ve read any other post on this blog, these statements might surprise you coming from me. Usually I’m full of sunshine and daffodils and have Disney songs stuck in my head when I write posts here. And that’s because, usually, that’s how I feel in real life.

But not always. I bet the same is true for you.

And it’s okay.

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I’m Bored With My Own Happiness…
And It’s Wonderful

Yesterday, I wrote a 5,000+ word email to a friend of mine.

The impetus for the email and the thoughts it contained are largely irrelevant to the topic of this post. I mention it because usually when I write something that long, I end up finding, upon a re-read, numerous areas I would change if I could write it again.

But not this time.

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Why Today Was A Day I’ll Never Forget

My friend Genesis asked me last night to go with her to visit her pregnant friend Katie at the hospital. Katie’s water had broken earlier in the day, and it was thought that the baby could be mere hours away.

new-baby-girlSure, I thought. We’ll get some flowers, pop in and say hi, and then I’ll get on with my evening.

Over 24 hours later, I am finally getting home, pretty exhausted, yet so totally consumed with joy and happiness that I have to tell you about it.

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11 Good Thoughts For Your Heart From the Bob Ross ‘Happy Little Clouds’ Remix

Here is today’s must-watch video, featuring a man who needs no introduction.


Bob Ross is so awesome. And so is PBS for making this. This video didn’t just win the Internet today. It 10-run ruled it in the first inning.

And forget about just learning painting from Ross. Look at all of the lessons about life you can learn from him, just from what’s in this video.

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The Negative Impact of ‘Inspiration Porn’

I just saw this picture under the title “Inspiration”:


I nodded in agreement and immediately thought about posting it here, tweeting it, Facebooking it, etc. I like passing around pieces of media that will inspire.

But then I read the following article, which was linked in the comment section multiple times where the pic was posted: “We’re not here for your inspiration” by Stella Young.

And it made me think more than any article has that I have read this week.

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Ah, sweet serendipity. This photo popped up in my Facebook feed about a week ago, and I told the artist, Leighbird, (see more of her excellent work here) immediately that I had to have it. How perfect for primility, right? Last night I got it, and this morning I hung it proudly in my office.


Unbelievable Enthusiasm

I don’t know why, but I woke up yesterday morning with these two words in my head:

Unbelievable enthusiasm.

And they weren’t just floating around my brain without purpose or concern. From the moment my eyes opened they were a call to action.

Isn’t it great when mornings start out like that?

I cannot take credit for the combination of these two words, which go together perfectly and which I’ll break down here in a minute. I know I’ve heard them together before, I just cannot place where. (And a quick Google search delivered no easy answers.) I feel like it was a famous coach who talked about “attacking each day with unbelievable enthusiasm,” but I could be wrong.

Regardless, whatever I once heard that stored this concept in the recesses of my brain, and whatever catalyst brought it to the forefront yesterday morning, I’m not complaining.

How could I be? One does not complain when attacking every task with unbelievable enthusiasm.

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