5 Great New Songs I Found This Week

It’s time to take a quick break from SUPER LONG blog posts about love, attitude, and destiny. Instead, here is a quick post with five of the best songs I found this week.

And, just so you know, it was a pretty intense and fruitful week of new song finding, so there are plenty of others I could have chosen. Hit me up on Spotify and I’ll share the entire playlist with you.

1. “The Great Fire” by Future Islands

This is not a necessarily a “new” song, as it was on Future Islands’ 2011 album. But I hadn’t heard until I stumbled upon it at Reddit earlier this week.

And frankly, I didn’t really like it upon first listen. But after reading the lyrics and listening many more times, I found myself enjoying it quite a bit.


And Future Islands will be in Dallas at The Prophet Bar next Tuesday, so I can’t wait to see them live for the first time. Check out Balance and Before The Bridge by them as well. Both terrific songs.

2. “My Love, Our Time Is Now” by Hemmingbirds

This is just pure indie rock/pop goodness, with some really heartfelt vocals. The band is from Illinois, but I’m hoping they make it down to Dallas soon.


3. “The Sea Is Calling” by The Temper Trap

Last Friday, I regaled you with my tale of finagling my way into the sold out Temper Trap show here in Dallas.

I hadn’t listened to them much before the show, save for “Sweet Disposition,” but I’ve listened to them a lot since. And not only was this song my favorite one they performed live, it’s become my favorite overall.


4. “Old Pine” by Ben Howard

Ben Howard is a terrific singer/songwriter. I found “Keep Your Head Up” earlier this year, and it’s made every “best of” playlist I’ve created.

Well, “Old Pine” will too, I just wasn’t fortunate enough to happen upon until this past week.


5. “Ain’t It So” by Papa

It was tough to pick #5, but this song wins out over other options (like “Company” by Andy Burrows and “Prettiest Tree on the Mountain” by Ben Sollee) because the beat will get pleasantly stuck in your head after hours after listening to it.


And gentlemen, you have to appreciate Papa’s album title/cover:


Hopefully you enjoy all of these tracks! There are many, many more where these came from. Hit me up on Facebook/Spotify and we can share great music until our hearts are content.



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