10 Annoying Words and Phrases Girls Use That Could Be Driving Guys Away (Or At Least Nuts)

Before we get into the meat of this post, a quick note to the girls: this post is not meant to pick on you.

Quite the contrary.

In fact, it’s meant to help you. It’s meant to help all of us.

Outside of Indiana basketball and oxygen, what is more important to our daily lives than communication? Not much, if anything.

So whatever we can do to improve communication is a positive.

That’s my goal here…and to have a little fun while we do it.

And yes, I am planning a companion post geared towards the guys, but for that I will need input from the ladies in the comment section. So don’t hold back.

Just be sure you don’t use any of these words or phrases in your comment. They may not actually be driving guys away, that seems a bit harsh; but they’re not helping. And they are definitely driving guys nuts.

I’m fairly certain of that, like, totes for sure. (I know, right!?)

For those of you not well-versed in the web memes, the picture above is the original "Annoying Facebook Girl." Don't be like Annoying Facebook Girl, online or off. Avoid the words and phrases listed below. (Image credit: KnowYourMeme.com)

1 & 2. “mani/pedi” and “preggers”

These two phrases kick off the post because they are the ones I personally abhor the most.

I’d have to test this hypothesis out to be completely sure, but I think I would rather listen to Joe Buck sing a Nickelback song while scratching his nails across a chalkboard than to hear these terms used unironically in normal conversation.

Yeah, it’s like that.

3. “totes”

Continuing down the list of my personal least favorites is this one.

I am perfectly fine with the word “totes” being used to describe the transportation of an object from one place to another. When used as an abbreviation of the word totally, however, it is just plain awful.

I guess those final two syllables of totally are so cumbersome and/or unnecessary that they don’t even warrant saying?

Hearing this word is the verbal equivalent of being force fed the tiny coagulated cylinder of nastiness that forms at the tip of a Cheez Whiz dispenser after it has been used and then sits idle for a while.

Think about that the next time you say “totes.”

(Someone also suggested the phrase “totes amazeballs,” which I cannot personally say I’ve ever heard. And I know this because I probably would have just jumped off the nearest cliff if I had, which would have prevented me from writing this post.)

4. “besties”

You and I probably won’t be if this word crops up often in the normal course of conversation.

5. “I know, right!?”

This one was contributed by Davey Heritier in the Facebook thread we had going about this topic.

I think this is one that is most annoying when overheard in someone else’s conversation. It always seems to be accompanied with an intrusive raising of the voice both in volume and octave. Stop it.

6. “hubby” (and “wifey”)

A few people suggested these one, both on Facebook and in the Reddit thread I got going about this topic too.

I’ve always hated wifey, and for that I actually have to criticize guys, specifically those who participate in hip hop and R&B music, which is where I first remember coming across this one.

As for hubby, since I am not one I suppose it does not personally annoy me…yet. But if I can preemptive strike and begin a successful campaign against it before I get married, I’ll have achieved something worthwhile for myself.

7. “Woo!” and “Woot!”

Suggested by Trick Suley, I’ll list these together, though it’s really the second one that is the true culprit. To make matters worse, it is also usually used more than once, as in “Woot! Woot!” by girls describing something they are excited about. Double the annoyance.

8. “cray”

A few people suggested this, which I guess is another way to say crazy? I haven’t heard this one often, but it gets my full endorsements for this list because it doesn’t even make sense as an abbreviation, which offends me greatly as someone who respects language.

The “z” is the most important and distinctive sound in the word, yet it gets removed. WHY?

It makes no dadgum sense.

9. “creeper”

Reddit came through with this one, and I appreciate the suggestion both because the word is annoying and it is definitely overused.

The exchange where this was suggested sums it up perfectly:

— Just because a man talks to you doesn’t automatically make him a creepy asshole.

— As i’ve gotten out of high school and college, i’ve noticed that term being used less for “unattractive people you aren’t interested in” and more for people that seem to display predatory behavior. I think it should be reserved for the latter.


I’ll say that I’d never really noticed this term before I moved to Dallas. Since living here, however, I’ve heard it a lot and most of the time it has seemed like a gross exaggeration. It probably is.

10. The egregious overuse of the word “cute”

My college friends will not be surprised to see this one on here, as I made my thoughts on girls’ collective destruction of the word cute well known on numerous occasions back then.

I actually thought I could make a difference. Such a fool I was.

I won’t belabor the point here because it’s a losing battle, but when a moderately handsome guy (with either money or a nice car), a puppy, an overpriced pair of shoes, and a miniature shampoo bottle can all be described using the same adjective, what we have is a meaningless adjective.

It describes everything, yet nothing at all.

And it’s all girls’ fault.

Honorable mention:

  • “yeppers”
  • “whatevs” and all other unnecessary abbreviations
  • General misuse of “literally” – though both genders have issues with this one.


Now the question for the fellas is this: what did I miss?

These 10 are the ones that annoy me the most, but I’m just one dude. I’m sure there are many, many, many others. Let’s let the ladies know.

It may not change anything. In fact, it could make it worse. Some girls might even say these words more knowing that they bother us.

Ah, but isn’t that the point?

Any girl who would do that isn’t marriage material. Heck she’s barely dinner-with-the-hopes-of-heavy-petting-later material.

So use this post as a litmus test.

Send it to a prospective object of your courtship and affection to see how she responds. She either makes a good faith effort to tidy up her language around you, or she proves indifferent and inconsiderate.

If it’s the former, she’s a keeper. If it’s the latter, time to move on.

Either way bro*, you win.

* – used with irony, as I have a feeling this will come up on the girls’ list…


And for the ladies, now it’s your turn. What words or phrases do guys use that you just hate?

Again, the goal here is improved communication with fewer annoying verbal landmines. We can only achieve this with candid, well-intentioned dialogue.

So speak your minds. I’ll write a companion post or find a female voice I trust to write it.

To kick off the excoriation of annoying guy phrases, here are two from Kerri Kilbourne:

Men: when you “RAWR” at me, or call me “HAWT, you instantly get put into the “no” file. It would take a heckuva lot to redeem yourself from those ones. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Duly noted Kerri.

What others?


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  1. Jesse says

    I hate hearing girls say legitly.. I like legit, that’s fine, but it’s either legit or legitimately.. Legitly is NOT A WORD. O.o

  2. says

    Most of these, fortunately, are not in my vocabulary…but I think I am going to have trouble reducing my usage of “cute”. The problem is that an animal, a garment, and a miniaturized household product may genuinely provoke identical sentiments. Even certain insects and robotic supervillains can approach the same emotional response, for whatever reason. It never occurred to me to try to find new words for these situations when one already existed. Now that I know it’s troublesome, I guess I will have to try to be more creative…I just have little confidence that I will be able to come up with anything more fitting.
    (As for human attraction, I admit I’ve only been using “cute” because “handsome” would be a misleading description of my personal tastes. I can tell when a movie star is objectively handsome, but unless it’s accompanied by a gender-transcending sweetness, I most likely won’t have anything to note about his appearance at all.)
    Anyway, sorry for the annoyance. ^_^;

  3. Anna says

    So. I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been there before. Then, at some point, I realized that this retarded slang I so despised served as much of a purpose as my choice to use politically incorrect words like ‘retarded’. Slang evolves from our desire to relate to one another, and to create a unique face for the generation. I personally found relating to someone can difficult enough without automatically scorning those who often – and unironically – use the insipid phrases above.

    That said, there are a couple of specific points that occur to me… For one, a mani/pedi is an actual thing. Constantly hearing those syllabyles is probably as grating as seeing a Maltese being carried around in its Juicy dog-purse. (FYI, I also live in Dallas). Still. It’s an actual service.

    Second – I’m guilty of using certain phrases, like “I know, right?!” with the obnoxious voice tilt and everything. I hate it when I say it, but I use it with people I don’t know very well, because it can’t be misunderstood. While I’m not using it ironically, should I be judged because of my desire to find common ground?

    Our language choices do not narrowly define who we are. I don’t think you’re actually concerned with the words themselves, but that you don’t like what the vast majority of people, or girls, who use these words, represent.

    **AND to the asshole above, who first commented, ‘legit’ ISN’T a word. In fact, ‘legit’ is short for legitimate, and ‘legitly’ short for legitimately. Genius.

  4. Tony says

    It’s funny. I actually just Googled “I know, right….so annoying” and found this article while talking to a girl on the Home Depot customer service line. In fact…I’m still talking to her right now. She is annoying as hell.

    Anyway…this article is the equivalent to > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9AJzv8gb2A

    You’ve hit all of the ones I complain about every time I hear them. My main annoyances are:”I know, right?,” “preggers,” and “besties”

    Unfortunately I work at a marketing company where all of the 20-30 something girls talk like this…and I want each one to get stuck on the elevator for weeks at a time…all the time.

    Since I hear these all the time…I’ll add 2 to this list that I hear a lot. And seriously…I would NEVER date a girl that said any of these. Instant turn-off. Thankfully, I’m married and we both have the same feel towards them. She’s a hair stylist so she hears them all the time too.

    Here are my additions:

    1) When girls spell out OMG. With each letter having dramatic pause…”Like no…way. OH….EMM….GEE”
    2) Referring to their male gay friends as “my gay.” “Oh…emm…gee. Like when me and my gay went out for drinks the other night….”

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