This Spectacular Seattle Restaurant Exemplifies Primility


In 1950 Peter Canlis set out to build “the world’s most beautiful restaurant.”

So says the “Architecture” page on the Canlis website.

Mr. Canlis may well have succeeded. (I mean, what restaurant website has an Architecture page?)

But it’s not just the physical beauty of the structure itself that makes Canlis a beautiful restaurant — and one that is worth investigating here at Primility.

It’s the people inside, and what they stand for, that make Canlis a remarkable restaurant. Continue Reading

Two Months of Daily Primility


Few people have inspired me during the early part of this Primility journey like Sonia Thompson.

Not only was she one of the very first people to request a wristband (#9 right here!), she has always been willing to lend an encouraging word, comment on posts, share posts with her audience, and take the time to email me when she encounters primility impacting her daily life.

Sonia is the kind of person who makes you feel appreciated for the role you play in her life. We all need more such people in our lives, who lift us up and make us better.

So it is with great pleasure that I share with you the following email that Sonia sent me … about her impending adventure that I bet you’re going to wish you could join her on. Continue Reading

Do Vintage ‘Vette Owners Have Primility?


That’s Anthony Sills in the red ‘Vette … wearing Wristband #21 proudly on his left wrist.

I’m not a car guy, so I can’t tell you what year that particular Corvette was made, nor can I spout any impressive specs about the vehicle picture. But even someone as clueless about cars as I am can recognize the badassery Anthony projects behind the wheel of this classic automobile.

Which begs the question that was asked here on Google+ when Anthony posted this picture:

Do vintage Vette owners have….Primility? ;)

And the answer is … it depends. Continue Reading