What To Do When You’re Wrong (and Know It)


We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. ~ Epictetus

Yesterday, I was on a conference call, the specifics of which are not important for this post.

Suffice it to say this:

I went into this call having a clear idea of the point I wanted to make and the outcome I thought would be best for all involved.

There was only one problem, a big one: I was wrong. Continue Reading

Two New Books: One Small Step and One Extraordinary Promise


In Sunday’s newsletter, I alluded to a new book entering the Primility Library. (Remember, here’s how it works.)

Today, I intend to fulfill that promise.

In fact, two new books are being added to the Primility Library, which will bring us up to four total. The response continues to be great, so I’ll keep adding new books.

What are the two new books?

One is the story of an extraordinary person, Adam Braun (pictured above), who made a drastic change to his life and is now literally changing the world.

The other is a simple, timeless, proven lesson about how you and I can change our own lives, right now, by doing just one thing. Continue Reading

A Memorable August Leads to a Difficult (but Necessary) Decision


August was one of the most memorable months of my life.

First, I received an unexpected promotion at work. I was thrilled to say the least.

Yes, it will be a tremendous challenge. And I have a number of new responsibilities now on my plate (and surely a little added stress). But that just means that it is a perfect opportunity for growth and meaningful achievement.

Then, on the morning of August 23rd, the woman I adore and appreciate more than words can express agreed to marry me.

The picture you see above was taken a few moments after she graciously overlooked my nervous rambling and said yes to my proposal … making me the luckiest guy I know.

The elation of that moment still has not subsided. It has, though, been joined by the reality of the next step that Heather and I must take: planning a wedding. From what I know of this process, having watched others go through it, the next 8-12 months (depending on what the date ends up being) are going to be jam-packed with action, the majority of which will not be, umm, stress-free.

I’m looking forward to it all. Between work, the wedding, and the everyday process of building this new shared life with Heather, the next year is going to be vastly different from the one that preceded it.

All of this leads me into the difficult decision that precipitated the big change alluded to in the headline of this post: Continue Reading

This Spectacular Seattle Restaurant Exemplifies Primility


In 1950 Peter Canlis set out to build “the world’s most beautiful restaurant.”

So says the “Architecture” page on the Canlis website.

Mr. Canlis may well have succeeded. (I mean, what restaurant website has an Architecture page?)

But it’s not just the physical beauty of the structure itself that makes Canlis a beautiful restaurant — and one that is worth investigating here at Primility.

It’s the people inside, and what they stand for, that make Canlis a remarkable restaurant. Continue Reading